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The Captain and owner Glenn Murphy is fully licensed - D5L - by Sjøfartsdirektoratet (Norwegian Maritime Authority).


Glenn has fished for all of his life and has been fishing the Oslo Fjord for the last 40 years.

The Oslo fjord is generally very calm with no tide to speak of. However on windy days, we simply fish in the shelter of the islands.

In over a decade of operation we have never had even one person seasick onboard!

In addition to the Captain’s qualifications, we have:


- Life raft

- Life jackets in all sizes (including kids)

- Total cover with the Redningsselskapet (Rescue service)...and we start each trip with a safety briefing!

Norwegian certificates by Sjøfartsdirektoratet (Norwegian Maritime Authority):

Some pictures and videos from the one week safety course: 

Environmental awareness 

We practise primarily "catch and release", but you can take fish for meals provided they fulfill the minimum size requirements regulated by Norwegian law.

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